Marta Esperanza is a 20 year old inspiring portraiture photographer, who currently lives in the UK. Her interest in photography started from a very young age, as she was observing photographs since she was a baby, however she didn’t receive her first camera until the age of 13. At the age of 16, she has done her first fashion themed photo shoot, and since then she knew that this is what she wants to do for the rest of her life. In just two years she progressed in the field of photography greatly by taking on several photo shoots with different models and clients, won several competitions including first place at Young Photographer Competition in Wales and Completed a project working for a well known Hollywood Horror movie director – Brian Yuzna. She currently professionalizes in Fashion, Conceptual Photography and Event capturing such as Wedding Photography, with a number of professional jobs undertaken and delivered with huge success. She likes to deliver visually strong photos. She finds interest in traveling and taking photos of people from all across the world. Whether for their personal or commercial uses. ” I love to photograph people. I’ve been an artistic, creative person since I was a small kid. I took interest in different sorts of arts, however it was Photography that spoke through to my heart the most. Can’t even put to words how precious it is to me. Sometimes I take an image because I want to capture a moment, a feeling. It’s pure magic. The way we can recreate the memories from the past just from looking at a photo. Other times I photograph because I want to make people feel a certain way when looking at my work, I want to send some kind of a message across. And what’s more touching than a visual expression of emotions? ‘’