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Marta Esperanza is a professional portrait photographer. She is renowned for her dark captures and edgy shots. Starting photography at age 16 it quickly consumed her world within. She managed to have her first clients and build excellent reputation of the business capturing creative and compelling photos. She won several awards in Wales before moving to Birmingham to study at Birmingham City University gaining even more knowledge and experience in chosen career, working with some of the best photographers in the industry. She quickly builds up her business, working with hundreds of clients and creative individuals alike to create stunning imagery all around the United Kingdom. Her work regularly gets published in magazines and she organises at least one exhibition a year to display her projects. She started exploring the practice of moving image and film-making as the new format to capture her creative ideas. Her style of photography is often described as quite dark, with an aspect of beauty or romantic atmosphere.

In her own words: ‘’I see everything with a dark twist. Not many people like it, not many people understand it. What is perceived as dark or controversial is often beautiful to me. There’s something raw and real in dark arts, a piece of an artist’s mind. Their fears, their struggles, their perceptions and opinions… something that they don’t often share openly with the rest of the world. I find it captivating. I find it meaningful. I was always drawn to it, and it fuels my artistic world. I hope that you can find it beautiful through my own work too, as I share a piece of me with you…’’ In her spare time Marta enjoys travelling, exploring and learning about the world and people. She writes a blog and captures her travelling adventures documenting all exciting aspects of it.

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